Episode 25-How Do You Handle Being Down In The Dumps?

As you may know, the goal of this blog is one part value-add to your life, and one-part organizing my thoughts. Recently I’ve steered away from just randomly typing out my thoughts, but today I feel the need to type for myself.

I’m feeling a bit blah due to eating something that didn’t sit well with me. Also, I’m getting a bit down in the dumps due to the curve balls being thrown at me. I talked a bit about this in episode 13, which discussed your cheese moving, and the need to pivot.

While it’s easy to conceptualize just pivoting…and it’s also easy to talk about my other passion projects related to public speaking, getting my consulting going, and other such things, BUT it’s also easy to drag one’s feet, and then get depressed about the lack of progress. And a tummy ache.

But the show must go on…I need to keep showing up…get things done, and inch forward bit by bit.

On a positive note, I have some leads on solving some of my social media woes, plus I have an agency that I deal with that is willing to throw me some extra bones (work) that should double my dwindling income!

Ups and downs!

How do you handle it when you’re down in the dumps?

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