Episode 15-Why You Need to be Uncomfortable

Think of the times in your life when great things happened. Did they happen when you were lounging around, waiting for life to happen to you?

More than likely, unless you’re a very lucky person, your quantum leaps forward happened when you were pushing yourself, getting out of comfort zones, and doing hard things.

This isn’t exactly good news or what we want to hear, is it? We would love to get something for nothing, and have honours and praise poured over our heads that we didn’t earn.

Instinctively we know all this. We want everything to come to us when we’re doing the bare minimum, even though we know we have to get uncomfortable.

Mind you, I’m not talking about lifting heavy things and getting dirty. I’m talking about:

  1. Doing the thing we said we’d do, when we said we’d do it.
  2. Using our time exceedingly efficiently, instead of wasting it.
  3. Writing, creating, making the phone calls, saying NO to all the distractions (like the new business offers I get daily), etc
  4. Focusing on high value tasks that will affect the bottom line, rather than the administrative tasks that are easy.

When you get around incredibly accomplished people, you’ll see they all have the above traits, and many more skills that us lazy people shy away from! lol

But we’ll never reach our potential, like these accomplished folks I mention, until we make those commitments to ourselves, and keep them.

While I would LOVE to just commune with the divine while walking in nature all morning, then come home and write books, I realize that the more disciplined a person becomes, the better able they are at scheduling in all aspects of their self-actualized life.

Meaning, while appearing to be too rigid & un-spontaneous, those people actually have more freedom, because even their rest & relaxation, spiritual, and physical pursuits are purposeful, planned, and present.

What do YOU need to do in order grow into your potential? What’s one thing you can do today?

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