Ep49-Do You Focus On High Impact Tasks?

I waste enormous amounts of time on non-urgent & non-important tasks.

I admit there’s actually varying degrees of importance to the things I choose to focus on each day, but the point is that my time would be better spent on high-impact tasks.

Some high-impact tasks would be:

  • Finishing my webinar and presentation
  • Creating a compelling video strategy & producing those videos
  • Split testing affiliate products in my email, chatbot, blog, etc.
  • Reaching out to potential clients
  • Going to the gym
  • Meditating

Low-impact activities would be:

  • Moderating my FB group
  • Answering messages
  • Creating content for my FB page
  • Trying to get various WordPress plugins to work or other administrative technical issues

Although you yourself may understand the concept & value of outsourcing low-impact or time-wasting tasks, you would be surprised at how many people do NOT understand it.

How many people do you see fixing things in their own house rather than paying an expert to get it done in one-tenth of the time?

How many people do you see in their own businesses who refuse to outsource accounting or payroll or marketing?

I can think of countless examples of people who waste their time on things they hate or are not good at, just to “save” money, when they’re ignoring the fact their operations will never reach their potential until they focus on the higher level vision…or at least the things they’re good at…and leave the things they’re bad at to the people who actually like those things.

I had a buddy who was self employed working for 3 different clients. His time was worth roughly $300/hour. At one point he was having a lot of work being done on his house, but he couldn’t stand the thought of paying a contractor $1500 to finish the flooring in his new bathroom.

So he had the contractor show him the proper way to do the flooring, and after a day he sent the contractor home…and did the flooring himself over several days. And what about his 3 clients? He didn’t get to bill them $300/hr because he was too busy “saving money” on his floor.

If you read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber, you’ll learn the concept of getting yourself out of being the “technician” in a small business, and graduate up past being a manager…to being a business owner. Until then, growth will always stall at a certain level.

For me…I’m getting out of doing the low-impact jobs so I can focus more on the strategy, vision, and direction of my overall mission.

How about you?

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    1. Hey Jennifer! Thanks for your comments tonight on the Live vid. How’s life going the last few days? Any parties/get-togethers coming up?

  1. Going well here, dealing with minor issues in comparison to previous matters so this is just a glitch in my step haha . thank you for asking . My daughter and I have a church gathering we will be attending for new years day with church family so that should be good food, music, singing. How about you and your family any big plans for New Years ?

    1. My 12-year old daughter likes to decorate the house for NY Eve (on the years we’re not invited somewhere), so she’s done that for tonight, because we’re invited to a friend’s house for a small gathering. There’s a family we hang out with quite a bit (he was my best man in ’96). We’ll probably watch comedy shows on Netflix. 🙂 Then on NY day we’re invited to a yearly afternoon party at another friend’s house; they’re a family from church with a 6000 or 7000 sq.ft. home and they always invite lots of people over. So…that’s our next few days. 🙂

      Just going to the gym quick, so I’ll do a very short Live vid from there. See you in 40 minutes!

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