Ep52-Discouraging Resolutions Is Not A Virtue

As a lot of us are preparing for New Year’s Eve parties right now, I’ll make this short.

I mentioned on the Live vid last night that I’m tired of the silly cliche backlash against people setting goals for the new year.

At this point, speaking out against resolutions has been overdone and it’s overly predictable. Do you really want to be that obvious?

The fact of the matter is that there are SO few occasions to officially make possibly life-changing goals. If you now make fun of people who finally feel the need to TRY and change their lives for the better, you’re possibly dooming them to never change.

Do you really want that on your head?

Do you want your legacy in life to be that your derision convinced a person to NOT live up to their potential? That you peer-pressured someone to not live their best life?

There are many examples throughout history of people telling others that good things are bad. As humans, we sometimes love being told that there’s no such thing as “bad”…that sugar is good for us, that laziness is healthy, and the opposite of a popularly held belief is now the better way.

Don’t be a crab in a bucket.

Don’t pull someone down from trying to climb higher. It’s easy to do that.

Be the strong one and encourage people. That’s harder to do.

Be a voice of support, and you might just watch a friend accomplish something great.

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