Ep39-How Do You Get Out Of A Rut?

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Getting out of a rut usually requires doing things you’ve never done or seeing things you’ve never seen.

Studies show that people who go on lots of walks or drives to places they’ve never been are normally more resistant to Alzheimer’s or dementia. The theory is that human beings were nomadic for thousands/millions of years, so it’s baked into our DNA for our minds to need the visual stimulation of new places or things to see.

They even found that your mind is more active, alert and happy if you drive a new route to work every day. The same endorphins that get fired during a drive in the woods also get fired when you go shopping.

How this relates to you

I’m not suggesting that if you go for a walk today that it’ll solve everything for you. But getting out of a rut requires variety. And variety is the spice of life, right?

If you went for a walk every day, that would definitely change things. Going to the gym every day would change things. Joining 2 or 3 networking meetup groups would change your life. Signing up for that night course would change things.

To go along with my “resolutions” post yesterday, we need big, obsessive goals sometimes, since a crazy big change is usually easier to maintain than quiet, casual change.

I know the general consensus in the last 25 years is that quiet change is better, and I too believed that, but that has NOT been my experience.

If you have the “blahs” today, it’s time to change up your routine.

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  1. Hi , I agree, I have been in many ruts some I didnt put myself in and some my own mind set put me in them . I had to set my mind up and tell myself it was time to get out of this rut ,I just had to take the first step ,Going through another transition rite now myself . I am at a place I dont want to be anymore in my own life I have to remind myself it’s time to move on take the lessons I learned apply them to what I know I want , the hardest part for me was walking away and this past week I have had to do just that , it’s always been hard because in walking away from the familiar into the unknown abyss all by yourself is scary but i know i got this . Thank you for you insight and sharing with us .have a great day .

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. Happy to hear you’re going on an adventure. It doesn’t involve leaving the town/city you’re currently in, does it? Either way, you have lots of supporters & helpers that you talk to each day, right?

  2. Hi , no not leaving my town or state . I have a church family here not really any blood family where I live .My adventure is one of personal growth diving deeper into finding myself and my purpose in this life, sometimes we have to leave the old circles or we just remain in them never growing become comfortable feels good it’s safe . I know what it’s like to walk away from someone who’s passed on more then once and pick of the pieces of what was left of my life and rebuild. I guess you can say I just had to learn what it’s like to walk away from someone who’s living for the first time because it’s not good for your life anymore if it was only as simple as love we could all probably remain in certain areas in our life ,but sometimes even love isn’t enough. Any hoot You have a pleasant day . Life is but a mist here today and gone tomorrow I am enjoying the mist in life finally I guess you could say metaphorically speaking. 😊

    1. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate your thoughts. Let me know when you have a chance to read the posts after this one. I’m keeping them short these days. If not, I’ll see you on the Live vid tonight.

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