Ep38-How Do You Get Your Resolutions To Stick?

You know the saying that “if you don’t change what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten”?

The saying applies to goal-setting and New Year’s resolutions because you have to shock yourself out of the same old goals…and the same old ways of resolving to change.

A resolution should excite you. You should feel a feeling of rebirth. But for it all to stick, you need to be doing things a bit differently.

I’m no expert, since I’m very well-acquainted with resolving to get in shape, going to the gym for a few months, and then fizzling out. At that point, I’m down to maybe once per week.

But there are times when I get my goals to stick a lot longer than normal.

What makes them stick longer?

For one, I notice they stick a lot better when I write goals down & paste them up on a wall or mirror. What about you?

And I hate to say it, but becoming obsessive also sometimes helps. Sending out quotes every day by email or filming a daily Live vid…or writing here every day…these are all examples of being obsessive.

What’s wrong with that? I don’t quite like the idea of burning like a meteor. It reminds me of a flash in a pan. Like a yo-yo diet.

But it’s working for now!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you gotta mix things up! Make crazy goals. Make insane obsessive commitments. Throw in all kinds of ideas & projects & goals.

Some of them may stick!

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