Episode 19-How To Be Wrong And Love It

How often do you remind yourself that you don’t know everything?

I love learning that what I thought was one way, actually turned out to be another way. I love & hate being wrong. But life can be so much more delightful when you go around reminding yourself that you’re most likely wrong, most of the time.

Life isn’t interesting when your views are 100% accurate. If you think you’re right all the time, that means you have nothing left to learn each day you walk the earth. Isn’t that boring?

Be easy-going. Read things you’re not used to. Take different roads when you drive places. Listen to people’s points of views without trying to tell them why they’re wrong. Ask questions. Be interested.

Get out of your shell

I knew a man years ago who had spent his life trying to talk to people who were just standing around, anywhere & everywhere he went. He sought out the wallflowers, the quiet ones, the lurkers. He’d just say hi and ask questions.

This man was in his 70s and because of this practice of his, he met & kept in touch with MANY people over the years: politicians, billionaires, and even the Pope’s right-hand-man.

I may not do what this man does, but I’m always looking for opportunities in my social media consultancy that I didn’t see before. There are untapped resources all around us that we can see if we’re just open…humble, and learn to have eyes to see them.

What open fields are you hoping to find, where you only see brick walls at the moment? What can you do to see solutions instead of obstacles?

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