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Ep87-If You Love Success Stories, You’re My People

I absolutely LOVE reading entrepreneurial blog posts from people who have overcome the fake security of working like a slave for the 9 to 5.

I love the idea of freedom and liberation from the perceived evil of working for someone else’s dreams. I hate the idea of giving up your soul to the fakery that comes with corporate life.

(just listen to the way people talk in management/leadership positions in a business, and you’ll know what I mean)

I love when I read of people overcoming slavery. To me, spending 20 years in golden handcuffs was just that; slavery in exchange for some scraps.

I always figured that everyone had a dream or a purpose to pursue in life. But I realize now that isn’t actually the case. I FEEL like I have things I was born to do. So it confused me when I’d see people who were seemingly content to be slaves, to thrive and enjoy climbing the meaningless ladder of corporate success.

I’ve discussed this a few times with a friend who had noticed the same thing, and he’d even bring it up here & there in social settings; he’d ask people what their over-arching life goals were. He’d ALWAYS get confused looks and silence.

Turns out, as per a Myers-Briggs personality test, I fall under a category most desirous to connect to a purpose, a mission, a cause. So that infers there are other personalities who feel no such push to align with a cause.

Isn’t that fascinating?!

So…this means I could bring this up in front of an audience of hundreds of people, and it will be like I’m speaking Greek to many of them. Not everyone wants a mission in life!!

Not everyone wants to accomplish world-changing goals!!

Not everyone wants to break away from slavery, a wasted life building something for someone else!!

Not everyone wants to build their own dreams, make an impact on the planet, and leave a legacy that will enrich humanity!

But some people do…and those are my people.

It’s funny because I have all these smaller goals & projects that I feel are leading me to my bigger mission in life, so I spend my time on those smaller goals, rather than my BIG one which I’m sure will slingshot me to exactly where I want to be.

I rationalize that these smaller goals are getting me there, preparing me slowly, allowing me to test & tweak. For instance, I do this work with social media influencers, digital agencies, and do other kinds of marketing consulting. I also do this work on the MQ FB page and love to help people grow & think new thoughts.

But my main goal is to move into spirituality-related niches, and to teach people things that I know. And I see a need, a massive hole in the market, and it’s the thing that I know best…a thing that very few people seem to know.

Either way, once I start that, it is THE main mission of my life, the big way to make an impact, and change the world in some small way with individuals.

And feeling like you’re not living in vain is the reason I love reading entrepreneurial examples of people who have broken away from slavery & created their own dreams, their own life, free from soulless ladder-climbing.

Thanks for reading a little bit of my own journey. It’s slowly turning into a success story worth reading.

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