Ep58-Meet People Where They Want To Be Met

One thing I’m terrible at is connecting with people who DO need to connect with me.

I put very little effort into checking the 15 varieties of messaging that people use to contact me. I’ve somehow picked up a sub-modality of “pain” surrounding messages, phone calls, texts, emails…everything.

Why? Partly due to my days in real estate investing, because every day a new message brought new bad news. Hence…my brain connected messages with EXTREME pain!

But now it also means that a new message/contact from someone basically means more work for me…which once again equals pain! If I open an email, it basically means my life is about to get worse.

However, that’s not always the case.

There are plenty of great opportunities that come to me, if I let them. I just have to get better at my response times.

It’s a bit ironic, because I’m often dedicating a portion of my days to outreach of some kind. I’m always trying to make little connections here & there for various side projects. So if I’m hoping some of those outreach projects turn into positive results, I really ought to open myself up more to checking my:

  • IG messages/replies
  • Tweets
  • 6 or 7 various emails
  • FB messages
  • FB comments
  • Pinterest, etc

Yes, I do mention a few ways for people to contact me, but it’s SO strange how few people actually do it the ways I ask. I was talking to a coach/friend about this today, and they mentioned that other people have their own preferred ways to reach out.

As an example he mentioned that he’s operated the same way: you tell potential clients how you can be reached, usually via the Contact page on your site. But his team has also struggled with keeping up with random messages on various platforms.

A few times they tried getting better at checking his page’s messaging box and stumbled upon messages from MTV and other big companies, and some of those have turned into 20k deals. These were time-sensitive too, so they just randomly got to those messages on time.

At any rate, please take these ramblings and pull out some positive message from them. I hope you can use something here in your own life to get better at meeting people where THEY want to be met…not just where YOU want to be met.

It might turn into some surprisingly big jumps forward.

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