Episode 24-What is the Legacy You’re Leaving?

In the long run, my goal is to have this site chugging along with dozens of guest writers.

But I also plan to have a spirituality blog running in the same manner, and a mix of business consulting, speaking, writing, and coaching related to both sites.

Think about your own plans to leave a legacy…to leave a mark somehow on this earth. If you want to build some kind of tranformational business, that’s great. If you want to live a meaningful life of contribution to your family & community instead of building a business, that’s great too.

Sometimes I think portions of society build up the success archetype to an almost ridiculous demigod status, and then demote the meaningful family-person’s contributions too much.

But on the other hand, I think the average lay person doesn’t dream enough.

Though, who are we to judge anyone’s choices? If you’re happy chasing success and status, great. If you’re happy living a quiet, happy life with family, that’s great too.

In the end, in some small way, what gives meaning is a purpose…some way to live with a significance that pushes humanity forward just an inch. It’s proof that you lived at all.

And if you can’t inch humanity forward, then make your family your mission; your friends can be your mission; your small corner of the world is where you can make your mark.

Let there be some small indication or reminder that you made the world a slightly better place for having you here. It’s the rent you pay for your time on earth.

What are you doing to make your mark? What would you like to have as proof that you lived?

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