Episode 29-How To Find More Time

Time, time, time, time, time and more time.

Isn’t it strange how much you can plan to get done & then not even come close to accomplishing it all?

I have multiple lists, guidelines, ideas, and plans all written out, and sometimes posted around me, yet I never come close to getting to everything.

If you’re like me, the obvious conclusions we can come to are:

  1. We need to remove some big items from our lists
  2. We need to hire out the things we’re not good at or hate to do
  3. We need to remove distractions and other low quality activities from our lives.

It makes more sense to focus on 2 & 3 because number 1 means those “big things” could have massive positive impacts on our lives. But if those big things are just responsibilities you’re roped into for no other reason than someone asked you & you didn’t say no…then maybe you should get rid of it.

Number 3 might be a question of willpower or how badly we want to get to the high value items.

While time wasting activities get a bad rap, they’re also wonderful for recharging your batteries. (ie. did you watch the latest episode of The Mandalorian today?)

Things I wish I had time for:

Answering messages, emails, texts, etc:
I find I cannot get to my emails and 20 other messaging options. I have several followers that I’ve gotten to know, usually via the Live vids, who I also talk to via Messenger sometimes.

However, I just do not have the time to talk to a lot of them. I’m trying to keep my online venture afloat and so I need to stay focused, but daily messages from people who are not my family nor my clients…usually fall by the wayside. (I’m terrible at even answering my own family!)

Outreach, webinar writing, finding events to speak at:
I’ve spoken about most of these already, and you get the idea.

Podcast, Youtube, building up other social profiles:
Isn’t this everyone’s problem that’s in my position?

EITHER WAY, inch by inch it’s a cinch, yard by yard it’s hard. Little by little we just keep moving forward, and see what the universe brings. Remember that your footsteps can only be guided if you’re moving your feet.

So move your feet, and work on options 1-3 above.

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