Episode 20-Why Do People Like Motivational Quotes?

While building out my ever-expanding self-employment dreams here online, it’s inevitable that I try to strike a balance between doing what I want and WHAT YOU GUYS WANT.

Even after reading a book called “Ask” twice, I’m still not much closer to understanding you all!

Eventually I’ll figure out HOW to ask the right questions. But in the meantime, I’ve brought this up on Live videos, FB posts, and surveys on my email newsletter, FB group, and FB page.

I always just assumed that people who follow a “motivational quotes” page on FB and Twitter would naturally want to quit their evil jobs, start their own businesses, and conquer the world. You know…live their passion, purpose, and reach their potential.


Most people appear to be interested in general self-improvement and healthy relationships.

When I dug down into relationships, the majority were interested in successful relations with: (and this is in order of interest)

  1. Siblings & parents
  2. Kids
  3. Significant-others

So…a BIG group of MQ followers are mainly interested in how to better get along with siblings and parents. Please picture me with a very confused look on my face.

Heck, it doesn’t matter why it confuses me; what matters is that the tribe has spoken. If you’re here on this blog right now, the chances are pretty high that you’re looking to improve SOME KIND of personal relationship.

Eventually I will need to find out how I can help you guys in this area. Find a need and fill it, right?

What about you? Why do YOU like motivational quotes? What do you need more of?

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