Ep36-Can You See The Forest For The Trees?

Since starting to work for myself, it’s rare for me to take a day off. But it happens sometimes, since that freedom does exist.

If a chance to travel to visit family pops up, we take it. If we want to visit a Christmas market during the week, we do it.

Instead of getting down on myself for a lack of progress in various projects I’m working on, I remind myself that things take time.

Sometimes you inch forward slowly…ever so slowly…and THEN things start to happen.

Remember, you can’t see the full picture until the end. We might sometimes need to “SEE” the end result only in our mind’s eye!

In other words, don’t get down on yourself for not making huge gains in a short amount of time.

Eventually you’ll get the full picture. Eventually you’ll see the forest for the trees.

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  1. True , the hardest part about the forest as well is when the trees seem so thick it feels like you can’t get around them or through them and at times I feel my life as been lived in dimensions meaning so much has happened it’s hard to believe it’s all been lived in just my one life and I am not even old enough to have lived those stories we hear older people speak and tell ha . I will stop rambling. Take care enjoy your days and life with your family thank you for sharing your time , thoughts, insight, quotes

    1. Hey Jennifer! Yeah, I don’t doubt you have some stories; I bet you could write a book filled with them. Or make a movie. I’d like to hear some of those!

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