Ep61-What Is Everyone Else Missing?

What makes you and your brand different? What’s your unique selling proposition? Take a look at this latest quote from James:

Do you want to jump into a feeding frenzy of sharks all competing for the same prize? Or would you rather go where no one else has thought to go yet?

If you can figure out what makes you unique…what makes you YOU…then figure out how you can use those strengths in a way no one else is. Find things no one else is teaching or talking about. Find holes in your niche.

What is everyone else missing?

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  1. I like the better half of these quotes Shawn, but being religious, I have only one misgiving: none of your quotes give direct glory to God, much less to my specific Judeo-Christian God…they become more or less messages of encouragement to “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” by trusting in a nonspecific/impersonal/blind(?) “higher power”, rather than in a personal Deity who knows intimately and cares deeply…AND disciplines severely when necessary!

    1. Steve…what quotes? And as I’m a serious Christian myself who spends hours a day for the last 30+ years in the pursuit of the things of God, what you say makes sense. However, my 2 main sites and FB pages are NOT God-quote sites/pages; if they were, I would have named them “motivational god quotes” or something like that. I do have another domain name saved for when I eventually start up my MAIN mission in life, which is to help people deepen their spirituality and connection to God…but I haven’t started it yet. (although I do have a God-quotes FB page that I usually post on once a day) So…bottom line, what I’m trying to say is: if this was a God-quotes blog, I would blog about God. Since it’s not about God, I don’t share God-quotes. If I had a blog about Calculus, would you point out to me that there weren’t enough quotes about how God relates to math? If I blogged about cats, would you be pointing out that there aren’t enough quotes about how cats relate to God?

      Yes, inspiration, motivation and other topics related to self-improvement ARE related to God and spirituality since you & I know they’re all interconnected & God is in all things & a part of all things. Eventually everything I do and say will be very open & honest about religion, God and spirituality. This niche I’m in lends itself very nicely to being able to make the jump over & connect the two together. But for now, as a fisher of men, I also have the wherewithal to know that you need to do it gradually, and not hit people in the face with a rock (a lot of crazies give us Christians a bad name). C.S. Lewis had some great words to say about getting people into a “great hall” with many doors, and that he felt his mission was to get people into that great hall, rather than into individual doors. I identify with that very much & I highly recommend that you google those words of his. Awesome reading.

      Thanks for your thoughts. I don’t know yet when I’ll be making the transition over to the more spiritual side of things, but for now I’m building my audience in a side-niche, not the God-niche. Oh, if you want God quotes, I allow people in my FB Group to post them; you can always check that out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/quotesandproverbs/

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