Ep55-Do You Belong To Any Inner Circle Subscriptions?

As I’ve discussed before, I’m strongly considering starting up a “Fan Subscription” offering on FB. That’s the sort of “premium” plan for my inner circle to join for access to exclusive content.

Interestingly, I’ve seen several people “fail” at putting this feature into practice. It hasn’t gone well for several pages and friends of mine. One page said that the day they started it, their reach died. Another found they couldn’t come up with enough exclusive content & gave up. And another had their page shut down shortly after (for whatever reason).

But if I retool, and set up my daily Lives so that they’re all shorter, I would then make my Subscriptions Live vids much longer. It would be a veritable inner circle where I do the long live vids with them. There’s also a private group that those people join.

The focus of the Subscription would likely be on general self-improvement, with a little guidance and direction on how to make a living (or side hustle) out of sharing quotes online. I’ve never seen anyone offer that anywhere!

More than likely the access to this Subscription will be at least $20 or higher. Premium service = premium prices. Part of that will also enable me to provide a little more service/attention to the many people who reach out to me with their personal problems. Yes, I’m still looking for a solution to that issue…..

At any rate, these are just a few ideas bouncing around in my head. Thanks for listening!

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