Ep41-Can You Not Complain For a Week?

Have you ever noticed how much complaining you do without realizing you’re doing it?

Pay attention to this for a day. If you put effort into it, you’ll pick up on plenty of times you thought you were just expressing your thoughts, but were in fact complaining.

Some sources suggest we complain on average 15 to 30 times per day.

And again, these complaints go unnoticed I think because we THINK we’re just making conversation or making simple observations and such.

Maybe they ARE those things, but they’re putting a negative spin on each thing we’re commenting on, don’t you think?

WHAT IF we were to stop ourselves in mid sentence and change those observations to positive ones?

Without going into all the reasons we ought to do this, let’s just assume it’s a better way to live, and challenge ourselves to try it out for a while?

If you’re up for it, I’ll be checking in on everyone’s progress nightly on the Live videos.

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