Ep51-Do You Know More Than Some Experts?

Do you know this quote/saying?

There are people less qualified than you, doing things you want to do, simply because they decided to believe in themselves.


While my eventual goal is to teach a very specialized area of spirituality, my short term goal (ie. in the next month) is to begin expanding my digital marketing services to companies who wish to increase their reach & engagement on Facebook.

I already fulfill various odd jobs in this area, but it has always been direct to other big page admins or freelanced to other agencies. While I DID help establish a digital agency about 6 years ago (which has gone on to good success), I walked away from that almost a year into it.

So why Facebook? If you’ve seen my MQ page, you’ll understand. I know things. I know how to help any page fix & improve things they’re doing wrong. Not everyone knows everything, and we can all make incremental improvements by working with each other. No one has all the answers.

I should mention that I see other people teaching what I’ve mentioned above, and who make incredible incomes doing so. And at the same time, I see some of those same people making mind-blowing mistakes.

And that leads me back to the quote at the top.

If experts are making huge mistakes and still making an enormous living teaching a few good things, you can too.

Yes…there will always be real super gurus performing at better levels than you. But there is always room for little guys like you & I to teach what we know. There will always be people who are doing things the wrong way & need help…and we can be there to help them.

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