Ep54-What’s Your FB Page Goal?

It’s incredible to think about how my FB page went from about a monthly reach of 8 million to 125 million back in Aug-Sept of 2019. Of course that’s a temporary number because viral posts come & go.

So increasing your page reach is great, but keeping engagement up is a science that I’m fascinated with at the moment. Yes, back in the summer/fall I had a massive jump in engagement too, but there’s a lot more to it.

I had some posts with over 100k comments. Think of that for a second. That’s mind blowing. And when you factor in comments on shares (that’s a metric you can see on your posts), I had over 200k comments on some posts.

There’s a lot of moving targets to look at. Engagement is great when you think of it, because while a huge amount of reach is great, it’s here one day & gone the next.

With engagement, however, there’s a good chance that the algorithm has learned to keep showing your page to the people who engaged with it. Same with reach, but less so.

I use an invite-only tool to watch the engagement of other pages that I admire. I’m blown away with the talent & abilities of some page admins for the HUGE, mind-boggling engagement numbers they pull down (100x mine).

Like I said, it’s a science…one that’s always on my mind…easy to think about and not so easy to put into action.

Some aspects of boosting your engagement are easy when you think of it…such as:

  • Appealing to people’s desire to be understood – people want their opinions known, so they comment & share on the post in the hopes that their friends see it
    • AKA Grandstanding or pea-cocking
  • Quick/witty humour
  • Questions, but done the right way
  • Posting content that instantly stops a person’s scrolling, such as a “pattern interrupt”

Boosting reach is great; increasing engagement is better; but in the end, making an ROI for your business is best.

I’m part of a group that discusses things like this, and whenever someone mentions a successful increase in reach/engagement, there’s always someone who will ask if they made any money. Yes, you also need to focus on what works for your goals so you can keep the lights on…or in my case, survive another month as a full-time entrepreneur.

Just remember that getting more eyeballs on your page is great, but to what end?

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