Episode 30-How Can You Find Balance?

How can you find balance?

As I reflect upon my MANY shortcomings, especially as evidenced during this past week in every single role I have as a human being, I wonder if balance is attainable.

If I already can’t meet all my obligations, what will happen when I take out more “me-time” and do the things that rejuvenate me & feed my soul?

Is balance possible?

Here’s a funny thought to reflect upon: I won’t say who said this, but a very popular author and blogger (who I respect very much) says, “Balanced people do not change the world.”

Do you believe that statement?

Of course, the concept here is really just to get us to think about whether or not we’re doing enough to make a contribution to the world, and if we’re slacking off a little to much in that regard. Are you?

Balanced Examples

There are many people living great, balanced, inspirational lives while quietly changing the world in their own ways.

There are authors who change thousands or millions of lives while quietly putting out their books.

There are counselors, coaches, and consultants meeting with their clients and changing their lives for the better.

So…do you really have to rush, stress, struggle, and stretch beyond all comprehension in order to get your name into the history books?

Two More Examples

I know a guy here in the Toronto area who is a pretty successful speaker and consultant. He has a very dynamic delivery & speaks at a LOT of schools about a variety of topics.

He branched out into sales consulting and delivers a series of presentations spaced out over months at various companies here. Needless to say, he’s doing very well for himself.

But he’s also very much like every CEO you’ve ever heard interviewed; he gets up at 4am and works out for 2 hours, and lives a very regimented schedule. Great, right?

Example #2: There’s a growing number of CEOs I’ve heard interviewed who are changing their take on this 80 hour week hustle we hear so much about.

There aren’t a lot of them, but I hear a few podcast interviews with other entrepreneurs who take a more spiritual and balanced approach…who set up systems to replace themselves (think: 4-hour work week…like the book) and then spend their free time on renewal, self actualization, and growth. They pare things down to 20 hours per week, and their businesses grow bigger.

BOTH examples are good & fine. I am not here to tell you what you should prefer, but I know what I prefer!! But who do I/we get there?

Just knowing there’s an option to do things differently from the whole “hustle” mentality is enough to keep our brains looking for ideas.

Got any?

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