Ep46-How Do You Handle Your Online Friendships?

(just a reminder that this blog is for sometimes sharing inspirational guidance, sometimes for instructional purposes, and sometimes it’s for a brain-dump of general or random ideas & thoughts; I admit this topic wasn’t a great match-up for Christmas Eve!)

There’s a bit of a dilemma I hear about from time to time, and it’s one I deal with on a daily basis.

It’s the question of macro vs micro in connecting with my fellow human beings online. Do I focus on the many? Or do I focus on the few?

There’s a great argument for both philosophies. I have heard several very successful business people explain that there’s no way possible you or I can do it all ourselves…and so we need to set boundaries & make it clear we connect only on the one-to-many methods. Go a mile wide and a mile deep.

BUT THEN there are other very successful entrepreneurs who say you should focus on deep connections, going an inch wide & a mile deep, think of relationship-marketing, and focus on making sure that the people you serve know, like, and trust you.

I’m sure you’ve heard the many references to building your community of 1000 true fans? I guess you can only get there by connecting one at a time…one by one…and having meaningful interactions.


How is that possible or sustainable? As I said above, other people have told me they have very defined rules when it comes to “personal calls”…or personal messages. They make sure their community understands that unless a person is a paying coaching client, they’re unavailable to discuss personal issues…unless it’s done as a group on a Live video.

Maybe there’s a balance between the two?

I personally have NOT found this balance. For me it’s like one of those people spinning plates on the top of a bunch of sticks. One plate slows down & starts to wobble, and you have to keep running back & forth to keep them all spinning.

My plates are all wobbling! Some of them fall and break. But little by little we make these connections with real humans, and make some real friends.

And that’s what’s important in the end.

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