Episode 32-Do You Follow People or Brands?

How many people do you know who:

  1. Do a live video every day.
  2. Write a blog post daily.

Probably not too many.

There was another big page dude on FB who used to go live every day, and he kept it up for 2 years. But he did it in the heyday of Lives…back when they actually were valuable! Now they’re not great for engagement or findability, but I still have great talks with followers.

My big mistake here is not interviewing super movers & shakers. It would bring my Lives to the next level.

Blogs: Yes, I’ve previously mentioned how Seth Godin blogs daily, and has over 10,000 posts. I’m sure there’s a bunch of people who do the same. My big mistake here is not promoting this site more. The rule is 20% content creation and 80% marketing. I should go pound the pavement a bit.

Bonus mistake: I should also plan on creating some HUGE informational, be-all-end-all evergreen posts, if I’m going to gain traction. πŸ™‚

Why do I do all this?

People follow people, not brands. At least, that’s what they say. I’m sure there’s truth to both sides of the coin. But I NEED to build rapport and also show followers that I’m a real person, and not a faceless/soulless entity behind the page.

EVENTUALLY…when I create some products, you’ll feel comfortable enough to purchase, since you know who’s behind it. That’s assuming I’ve done enough for you to “know, like, and trust” me. Have I provided enough value yet? I honestly think there’s a LOT more I can do.

To Dos for the near future:

  • post all these blog post in their entirety on the FB page, even though they don’t perform well
  • some authors have had huge success crossposting all their blog posts to Medium & LinkedIn daily (problem is, not many of these are informative enough for those platforms; or are they?)
  • create a guest-blogging page on here, and ask constantly for guest posts
  • keep thinking about a podcast; I think this is the last best time to get going on it

Closing thoughts

Thanks for tuning in. I’d appreciate a quick “hi” below so I know who amongst the regulars are showing up! I think I’ll add in FB comments to this, just to make it easier for you!

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    1. Woo hoo! Thanks again for being here, Jennifer! Hey, do you watch any other people who do Live videos? I know I asked this of the group once….

  1. Hi, Shawn. I’ve been following people for the inspirational journey of mine. You’re very genuine with your talks. Hence I feel comfortable.πŸ‘βœ¨

    1. Thanks, Indira! I appreciate you hanging out with me most nights. I do understand that you & others can’t always be there every night, because you all have lives, jobs, hobbies, things you want to get done – but it means a lot to have a bunch of regulars. And then there are people who used to show up all the time, don’t anymore, but still check-in from time to time.

      While my casual/relatable style works for some people, and that attracts my “people” (ie. “your vibe attracts your tribe”), I wonder if I ought to do TWO LIVES…a 2nd short one that’s polished, informational, with a positive message so that it appeals to the fast, busy, success-seeker. Maybe this ought to be the Live topic for tonight? πŸ™‚ What are you up to today? And what do you do each day after/in between your workouts?

  2. Yes, I do watch other live videos beauty , health , did watch a few who where live but then they crossed over to promotion videos (what I call them anyways ) then they didnt do lives anymore . I watch music lives as well .What draws me into your lives is not only do I love your motivational quotes and your funny videos you share but it’s your interaction with us and how our thoughts and opinions matter , know I get to read the blogs so that’s awesome( I know you didn’t ask this but I added it 😁.)

    1. Awesome feedback and details, Jennifer! I’m happy & honoured to be part of your life. BTW, missed you last night. I know…I did go a bit later than normal, but I explained why in the Live, then followed it up with a Story (go check my Stories today). πŸ™‚

  3. Hi , thank you for always replying when you can . I will for sure go check it out. I had to hit the hay a little early last night . Hope you have a great day .

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