Ep53-What Can Make You a Better Version of Yourself?

Context is usually more important than content.

I’ve mentioned many times before on the Live vids that producing more content…creating more “art”…has been shown to produce more opportunities.

If you search around the net, the usual examples that come up are various painters whose names you know, who produced tens of thousands of works of art. Whereas the average artist creates mere dozens of works per year.

Then other examples are given about well-known composers who created hundreds or thousands of compositions versus the the average composer produced far, far less.

I bring this up only because if you know me & what I do, you’ll have seen my daily live vids and are somewhat aware of this blog & the goal to produce 10,000 posts. I suppose you could also throw in the daily email & Messenger thoughts-of-the-day that I send out.

At any rate, while I wouldn’t say that I’m creating works of art, I would say that the simple requirement I’ve set for myself to do these things also requires me to up the ante a bit. My game is raised. The content then is not as important to me as is the context. It changes me.

What commitments could you demand of yourself?

What can you require of yourself that will make you a better, higher version of yourself?

Feel free to answer below in the comments, but if not, I hope to at least help you to think.

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