Ep48-Two Big Blind Spots I Have

Two big blind spots in what I do online are in the areas of affiliate marketing and ecommerce. Both are disciplines I have not gotten anywhere with, despite having read ezines, sites, forums, and ebooks on these topics since 1997.

I realize this may be of very little interest to you guys, my fellow Quote Bosses.

But as I’ve said before: this blog sometimes is a vehicle to getting my thoughts out in the open for my own sake.

Strangely, even back around 2012, when I had 35,000 people on my email thought of the day, I was never able to find any e-product that interested my subscribers enough for them to make any purchases. Not one.

In the early days of FB I was able to sell 3 or 4 ebooks, but then it killed my reach and growth completely.

And now, when I go to conferences, super-duper gurus tell me that it would be simple to integrate a shop & sell products with quotes on them, such as:

  • Canvases
  • Mugs
  • Shirts & other clothes
  • Rocks, blocks of wood, keychains, pens
  • A million other items I can’t even fathom

And yet, I did have a shop attached to the page once…and zip. Nada. Nothing.

Still, I know of people with small, small pages & groups who earn mind-boggling amounts of income with aff products and ecommerce stores. Some do it via Live vids, some do it via posts, some do it via email, and so forth.

(btw, keep in mind that I do have a few income streams here online that allow me to work full time from home; I’m simply pointing out areas I need to improve in as we go into 2020.)

More than likely, my blind spots are as a result of a learned mindset that that these disciplines are impossible for me. I have created a negative belief system that kills my ability to see the forest for the trees.

And while I have read a lot of information on these topics, I have either not read enough, done the internal work necessary, or worked hard enough with a mentor to turn these little goldmines into realities.

And these are problems I plan to fix in the very near future. šŸ™‚

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