Episode 4: Scientific Art

I heard a speech recently that explained the true story of a scientist who had a vivid dream that related to his field of work. It propelled him and the world years into the future in terms of progress in that field.

That dream is somewhat like what we should all be looking for within our own fields of purpose. The answers exist out there, including answers to questions we don’t even have right now.

My own jumps forward this year in my business came to me from areas I could not expect to have been so fruitful. I would never have expected my successes at their start dates. They were just things I was trying. They were like throwing spaghetti at the wall & luckily, some of them stuck really well.

Yes, on one hand we should not chase every rabbit we see. And yes, if you take the lesson from the scientist, you ought to try to be in tune spiritually in order to receive revelation the way he did. But sometimes, or more often than not, we all have to flail in the darkness, seeing only bits of light come through, and hope you don’t stumble while navigating your path.

I’m trying to tame my brain via more prayer and meditation so that I can see glimmers of light in order to get to the next level AND overturn some hidden gold under rocks all around me.

Keep your mind open to those possibilities; that what you’re seeking…and what I’m seeking…are things, options, opportunities that are all around you and I. A hundred undiscovered or un-imagined(?) options exist all around us, and perhaps we all ought to think of those as art or science that can be arranged in a way to make some quantum leaps forward on the path of our missions in life.

Go make some scientific art.

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