Episode 23-How to do More in Less Time and Feel Great

Yes, slow and steady wins the race, but did you know you can take shortcuts?

There’s a counter-intuitive law of the Universe that allows you to get more done in less time…by adding more things to your calendar.

I fight this law all the time, but sometimes I give in and do what I’m supposed to, and then those are my best days.

For example, every day we all have a million things to get done, so I’m nothing special. But I’ll be bogged down with 100 things on my to-do list, but then I’ll make the time to pray & meditate, and then poof: I feel incredible, I work more fluidly, make better decisions, stay more focused, get more done, and feel happier.

Likewise, when I make time to exercise, despite having no time to do so, I am then bursting with ideas, bustling with energy, bubbling with endorphins, and so I get more done and feel better.

So if you look at your own list of, as I like to call it, “Things you know you should be doing”, add them to your day, and you’ll make a quantum leap forward.

Once I get one of these things added to my daily set of habits, and realize that I’m now just “doing ok”, I add an extra thing into the mix. Why? Because it’s hard to do. But magically, this universal law tends to take over and you somehow get rewarded with goals that are getting reached.

What is on YOUR list of things you know you should be doing?

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