Episode 13-What To Do When Your Cheese Disappears

Today I’m thinking about pivoting, who-moved-my-cheese, and having multiple irons in the fire.

If you’re not familiar with the “Who Moved My Cheese?” books, it’s basically an illustration of how the most successful people *change* when their free cheese gets taken away. They learn to pivot and try new things, and they invariably always do better than the people who sit crying that their free cheese is gone.

Yes, good things happen, but who knows if the universe simply gives us “freebies” to get us on-track, which then leads us a bit closer to the things we were always meant to be doing.

So instead of crying about who moved my cheese, I’m putting a few more irons in the fire to get them hot sooner rather than later. You never know when you’re going to need a hot iron, right?

So how are YOU going to pivot? What else can you be working on while you wait for your old cheese source to come back…or for new cheese to show up in a new spot?

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