Episode 27-How To Mix Your Mission With Your Mind

(Once again, I typed up my thoughts yesterday, fully planning to proofread & post at night…but just got distracted. If you saw my 1-min Live vid from last night, you’ll have heard my comments on some of my time being diverted to volunteer work that I do. Sometimes it’s hard to forecast how long some tasks will take!)

While the concept of starting with the end in-mind has been popularized in the past 20 years, it’s still pretty tough to do, isn’t it?

Yes, we know we should become super-clear on what our mission is…what our goals, purpose, and legacy need to be in life. And while that helps immensely, how many of us design a picture or mental image of that?


If you do visualization as part of your prayer and meditation, you’re not a stranger to this. 20+ years ago I read several Silva Mind Control books on the topic, plus Norman Vincent Peale’s Creative Imaging is a great churchy way to cover the topic.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my favourite author, Tom Brown, Jr. of The Tracker fame (and the major movie “The Hunted”) also had a few books on the topic. But I have to say, Tom Brown’s books took the topic to a whole new level….

Either way, whether or not you vividly visualize your ideal situation in meditation, you need to have a clear picture of where you want to end up.

What Do I/You Want?

Me, I am not looking for insane levels of influence, riches, or world domination. I just want a quiet house in the woods with enough of my own land to wander upon for hours a day. How’s THAT for a goal in life?? 🙂

I don’t want to disappear, per se. I’d love to stay in touch with everyone via Live vids, private groups, coaching calls, and write various books I feel could make a contribution to the world.

As for the walking hours a day in nature, honestly, my calling in life is to cover spiritual topics, and not just motivational quotes; the quotes subject is just my ticket to get me through the door. Wandering in the woods would be the way I deepen my connection to the divine, thus making me better equipped to help others do the same. (it goes a lot deeper than that; stay tuned)

The Challenge to You

My challenge to you is to map out your ideal life situation, and picture yourself doing that in the near future. I’m not there yet either! But maybe it’s time for both of us to get a bit more serious.

What’s YOUR ideal situation? How does that look with you fulfilling your mission at the same time?

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