Ep42-How Can I Make My FB Page Improve Your Life?

How in the world do I make YOUR lives better with Facebook?

As I mentioned in the Messenger quote-of-the-day today, it is a constant struggle to figure out what I’m doing wrong, how to give you material that YOU want, and how to make your lives better.

It is beyond the strangest experiment in my life!

The page is “Motivational Quotes” and people find it because I ASSUME they want to be inspired with some nice positive thinking.

I’ve talked ad naseum with you guys on Live videos and polls to find out what types of quotes you like. I thought you’d all be interested in building your own successful businesses, but to my surprise the vast majority of people just want simple nice thoughts to help you:

  1. Get along with your family
  2. Feel great
  3. Be happy

So…I post a million of those types of pictures and a surprisingly low amount of them resonate with you guys enough to make a dent in the universe.

I am friends with a few other big page owners and watch many others. I am blown away at the response rate many of them get over me.

There’s a couple lessons you can glean from this:

  1. I’m not posting the right stuff.
  2. I’m obviously doing some other things that are very wrong if my response rates are so low.

HOWEVER…you may have noticed I sometimes post funny memes (all of which at this point have been made for me by an agency). SOME OF THOSE MEMES HAVE GOTTEN between 100K and 200K comments. (that’s great engagement)

At my highest point this past summer, I hit a monthly reach of more than 10x my usual.

While many of my inspirational pics flop, humour memes and musical performances and workout transformation videos have outperformed all else.

Is this a problem? Shouldn’t inspirational content work better? How do I maintain this as my “job”? If people are completely happy with a mix of all these elements, great.

But that doesn’t negate the fact that other inspirational pages kick my butt by a factor of 100 to 200x. In SOME cases, that is.

What does it matter if they kick my butt in some areas? Who cares about likes as long as you guys are enjoying at least some of the videos I post?

Things that I do right:

  • I’ve done a Live video every day for over a year. We’ve been told that is a good thing. I continue to hear that. I even got feedback from a FB rep today who lauded that about me. But while it helps me build some friendships and “brand” trust, it doesn’t appear to help all that much. I’m learning and getting better…sometimes.
  • Not posting promotional content. You may have noticed I really don’t post many links compared to other pages. It doesn’t seem to hurt other pages, but….

At any rate, I could go on…and I could tell you the things I do badly too! That FB rep told me that I’m killing my page by re-sharing old posts and by re-posting old videos.

I can understand this and it makes sense. But I took a look at a few big pages I watch…and I can see their stats through a tool I use…and some of these pages re-share WAY MORE than I do, and they are kicking butt. So who knows?

I originally wrote double what you see here. I cut it all out because I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining (see yesterday’s post). I just want to HELP YOU GUYS and find what you all want to see.

One of these days I’m going to figure it out.

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