Ep37-How Do Interruptions Make Your Life Better?

Some of the best things that ever happen to us are as a result of collaboration.

As much as I hate to check emails, comments and messages, some big jumps forward only happened for me by being open to those things.

I have to overcome a huge amount of anxiety and get in the right frame of mind to just open my email.

Why am so nuts with this?

Part of it is just that a message of any kind usually represents to me the idea that I’m being interrupted; someone wants me to do something for them. In short: my life is about to get WORSE.

But I’m always reminding myself that isn’t true.

Incredible collaborations and opportunities have opened up to me via these “interruptions”. Many of them have made my life much better.

And they can make yours better too. Keep that in mind.

How do we know but that the interruption we snarl at is the most blessed thing that has come to us in long days?

Anna Lindsay
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  1. I absolutely agree, we as humans seem the get way to comfortable inside our box our comfort zones become afraid of change and what may be out there , when sometimes what’s out there on the other side of our comfort zone is exactly what we was looking for and didnt even know it until we stepped outside of our comfort zone .

    1. Yeah! And this can be applied to so many real life examples. Think of how often we don’t want to go out & do something, but end up having fun once there. Ever had that experience?

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