Episode 17-Why You Should Keep On Showing Up

Have you ever noticed someone successful in their field who always “shows up” week after week, year after year? Many have expressed magical things happen when they kept on, keeping on.

Think of someone who continuously chugs along like a train & puts out a regular podcast, video, blog, or some other content creation for years. Are they successful because you know they’re going to keep showing up? Or are they successful because they put out awesome material?

Or both?

I love Nas Daily’s video 690 called “Should You Quit?” where he talks about travelling the world while putting out a daily 1 minute video…and not quitting. It’s quite inspirational because he talks about how awful he was at the start, and all the trials he had along the way. But then little successes happened, until bigger & bigger things grew…to the point he hit 1 billion views, presidents of countries comment on his videos, and other such big things.

It’s easy enough to coast while doing the same old thing. But you also have to get better, try new things, and be open to other opportunities. Because while “slow is fast & fast is slow”, you need to keep learning new skills.

Some of my biggest leaps forward came through being inconvenienced & bothered; by being open to new opportunities; by getting out of the comfort zone & talking with people rather than sitting alone.

Yes, by all means, keep plodding along, keep showing up for your “calling”, keep forcing yourself to sit down and fight Resistance (see Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art”).

But ALSO spend half your time on outreach & marketing, go to Meetups in your area (meetup.com), contact event organizers and offer to speak, talk to journalists.

Just make sure to keep getting better while you show up & do your thing.

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