The Journey of 10 Thousand Blog Posts

What am I doing here, why am I doing it, and why have I chosen 10,000 blog posts as my goal to reach?

The first thing worth noting is that I’m not actually writing this for you; this is not a super-well-thought-out-contrived-and-expertly-put-together series of blog posts. This is just me, writing quickly, hopefully with very little by way of edits, for the purpose of shaping out my days, my plans, and bite-sized steps to magnifying my mission.

However, that’s not to say that you won’t get anything of value here. Why did I even decide on this format?

I found years ago, that it was very cathartic and helpful for me to quickly type out all my thoughts regarding what I was working on vis-a-vis online business, self-improvement, and spiritual enlightenment.

I created a private blog, which I still sometimes visit as a way to peek back into my brain and either marvel at my monumental insights, or ridiculous train of thoughts. It’s amazing what comes out of your fingers via your brain, when you’re not planning to share those thoughts with the world.

This blog will be slightly different, only because I am writing with the slight mental limitation that comes with knowing that someone out there may be reading my words and judging me in some way.

But if you’ve been following any of my material…my FB page, my other blog, my mailing list, etc. you may have come to the conclusion that this guy is either a giant amateur OR he must not care one jot about how he looks, sounds, or presents himself!

I’ll have to cover that topic again sometime…because I often wonder if I should care more about those things. Do I want to be a polished faker or be myself and people can take it or leave it? Or simply strive to be a better version of myself?

At any rate, let me get you up to speed.

Right now I’m working on multiple things and projects. As I said, this blog is supposed to help me focus & stay on track:

  • Getting this blog up and running with great evergreen content, more readership, guest bloggers (wanna write for us?), sponsors, etc. Yes, content is great, and having 1000 posts already done would be super, but promoting it should also take up a big chunk of time. Some gurus suggest 80% of a blogger’s time should be spent promoting it.
  • Creating a massive amount of video content. The only problem with this goal, is that I don’t feel overly passionate or “wordy” just yet. There was a time when I was on fire with passion from the sheer amount of self-improvement material I was reading, and could talk your ear off about it. Right now, I need to sort of “remember” that old version of me, walk the walk, and get him back!
  • Video #2: in addition to that above, I should mention that the goal of doing more video is simply to “show up” for my community more often, and provide some helpful hints about life. Also, why not build rapport with Stories on FB & IG, and some random candid family videos?
  • I may not have any products to sell yet, like ebooks, ecourses, coaching and masterminds, but one day I will. The long-game is to connect with people in a way that they realize I’m a real person behind the FB page, and not some random soulless company. SOME people will like me and will resonate with my vibe. People follow people, not brands. And they do business with those that they know, like, and trust.
  • Continue to source short and long videos for social media content directly from the content creators; by securing permissions to post their videos, we are compliant with the rules on various networks.
  • Need to get my webinar finished. I AM working on a webinar to simply sign up clients to my social media consulting services. I may not have ALL the answers, but I am GOOD at several aspects of growing an audience, sticking out (a bit), and more. How many people do you know who have achieved a monthly reach of 125 million??
social media success
  • (full disclosure, that’s a hard number to maintain; there are always ups & downs. But what if you could just double your reach and engagement? Would that be useful?)
  • Webinar continued: I have to finish the re-write, create the slides, record it, and then we’re off to the races. More consulting gigs, here I come.
  • Speaking: need to get out there and offer some speaking services. I’d love to speak anywhere, anytime about social media marketing. It’s so easy to talk about things you love!
  • You know, I started a podcast 11.5 years ago! Can you imagine where I’d be if I kept it up weekly since then? (instead of stopping after 3 episodes) Yes, I don’t want to create more distractions right now, but I find you can make time for things if you create a system for them, and schedule them in. Look how long I’ve kept up the thought-of-the-day by email and Messenger and the nightly Live video! I’m thinking of just getting something small started on Anchor because then it’s super-easy. Just choose a time, and do it. Then, as time goes by, I could iterate & get it to a good level, like all the good ones…like it should have been 10 years ago!! lol

Ok, there’s likely 15 other things I’m working on that I should mention, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

Right now I have to finish helping my 16-year old son finish writing a 5-minute talk he’s giving at a church event tonight, pick up something from the bank, return something at Home Depot, etc. and just ensure my jump into entrepreneurship continues to be successful.

It’s not simple, but we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible. Thanks for being here on this journey, cause it’s going to be fun!

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    1. Who’s Jim? lol But yes, thanks, I will keep on keeping on. 🙂 Are you working on any big projects yourself?

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