Episode 9-How to Make Money with Motivational Quotes

Have you EVER heard of a business model surrounding the building up of an inspirational quotes-related business?

Yeah, me neither!

Of course it makes sense that there ARE several very successful operations that involve quotes; there are tons of quote websites who have SO much traffic, they can’t help but print $$ on demand.

My other site (happypublishing.com) never reached the heights those other sites are at, but it did enjoy the #4 spot on Google for “motivational quotes” for a LONG time, which was very awesome.

My current level of awesomeness involves simply being very lucky to enjoy some good followings on various social media sites. And there are many different ways for a person to make a living online with their personal area of interest.

So how can you make a living with quotes? Or simply with whatever your hobby is?

I’m going to delve into that topic constantly as part of this 10,000 blog post adventure. For now, suffice it to say that your MINDSET is the starting point. You need to believe that you can carve out a little section of heaven here on earth, all around your area of passion and purpose.

How many of you currently do this? Are you interested in building up a following around your passion? This is where the fun begins. 🙂

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