Episode 6: The Lie of Success

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Whenever I DO actually sit down and meditate in the new way I’ve developed, I have the most curious reactions that involve crying tears of joy, the almost overwhelming feelings of energy, joy, and optimism, and the unusual sentiment of almost exploding with divinity & light.

Ok, I realize that may be where I’ve lost a LOT of you, but that’s OK! No one can appeal to everyone. Plus they say that at least 10% of everyone you interact with can’t stand you. 🙂

The reality is that I am a very woo-woo person, though I rarely talk about it. And by woo-woo, I mean spiritual. And THAT’S the area I ultimately want to be in. Not motivational quotes. Not ra-ra videos. Becoming more in tune with God and teaching people how they can too.

So if you’re a spiritual person too, you’re my people. 🙂 But again, it’s going to be a while before that side really comes out to shine. For now, I’ll just mention it here sometimes, and I still probably won’t share many God quotes on the page either.

I struggle with a funny aspect of all this success-related material. On one hand, success is being with your family, having a happy, peaceful life, staying healthy, accomplishing personal goals, meeting with friends, and learning how to be amiable (something I seem to have unlearned over the last 10 years).

BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, if you listen to podcasts, follow most gurus, go to conferences, read the books, you will find a sentiment of guilting you into feeling you are not measuring up, you’re not doing enough, you’re not changing the world with a multi-million dollar company you created, so you’re obviously not living up to your potential.

YOU WILL FEEL THIS SENTIMENT EVERYWHERE if you look around. Pay attention this week and you’ll see it. However, I would never tell you to not go for your dreams. I would hate to be responsible for convincing someone to be mediocre, and then have them not reach their potential.

There’s a weird line that needs to be drawn in the sand…and I feel like I could examine this topic in 100 blog posts & not run out of material. Because…where is that line in the sand?

Do we all become super-high-achieving gurus living insanely successful lives? Or do we satisfy ourselves with peace, contentment, being in-tune with God, being an insanely nice human, love our families to the nth degree, and learn that these latter qualities are really THE purpose of life?

OR BOTH? A bit of each? Just do what’s right for us? Take a little bit of value from ALL teachers & not worry what other people say about how we should live?

One thing I enjoy hearing about is when my various gurus (authors, speakers, podcasters, coaches) talk about moving from “success to significance”. Basically, it’s the idea of aspiring to make a positive impact on humanity after or during the pursuit of “success”.

Anyway, you can see every aspect of this whole topic can be unpacked much more. I started this post by talking about meditation, and it should be noted that I was basically deepening my spirituality while contemplating the end goals of what I’m trying to do here with the 2 blogs, pages, vids, and other future plans.

I’d say success & spirituality are not two different things, but are connected, especially when used in tandem to achieve a higher purpose.

And if you know what yours is, and you’re going for it, no one can argue with that.

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  1. Really enjoyed this blog [episode] and would welcome more ‘God’ quotes. Sometimes it is too easy to forget the important stuff in this modern day rat race.

    1. Thanks, Grantotwo. As everything progresses, and I begin coaching in that area, almost everything I do will be ‘God’ related. 🙂 But for now, I’m a bit all over the place. (The man who chases two hares catches neither) It’s all taking shape. And you’re right about what’s important; we all tend to forget that. What’s your goals in this area?

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