Episode 16-Overcoming the Small Temptations First

Every once in a while, I get super-serious about my goals and chase them with a renewed vigor. I’m sure you can relate?

One thing that keeps us on-track is meeting targets and having small successes. The wonderful new feeling of progression is intoxicating, and it’s why so many people fork out money to buy gym memberships or equipment.

I am suffocated and lost when I have not the bright feeling of progression.

-Margaret Fuller

But there’s another aspect of goal setting & reaching that I’ve never heard anyone else talk about besides Stephen Covey in one of his many books. It’s the concept of tackling & overcoming lower level “temptations” before moving on to higher level ones.

He mentions in great detail about our need to overcome our body first, such as our need to get up earlier, exercise, stop overeating and eating the wrong things, and so forth.

As we’re making progress in that area, we will find it easier to do things such as study, read, pray, meditate, feed our minds, control our tempers, etc. As those are accomplished, our ability to make & keep commitments, and focus on bigger challenges will increase.

And as we do that, we will move from private victories into the realm of public victories.

To be honest, I’m pretty foggy on some of the differences between the higher level temptations as I don’t have that book in front of me, but I hope you’ve read enough to apply it to your OWN situation.

I’m beginning to see how Richard Branson could say exercising daily allows him to accomplish MORE in a day, not less. You just become more efficient with your time, the endorphin rush keeps you sharp, and the private victory simply leads you to overcome higher level mental, spiritual, and behavioural issues.

And that leads you to more public victories, whatever they may be for you.

What do YOU need to overcome? What helps you stay on track?

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