Episode 5: Make a List and Check it Twice

To go along with yesterday’s musings, I was pondering the 10-20 things I know I ought to be doing, and thought it’d be helpful to note them down. This way, anyone reading can watch my progress.

To speed this up, let’s go back to the bullet format…although I find it kind of annoying here on WordPress that you don’t seem to be able to put spaces/returns between lines…. šŸ™

  • A weekly well-prepared video on various topics. This alone is a huge undertaking.
  • Post said videos on more places than just FB. Spots like IGTV, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Keep looking into podcasting, but the right way. Look again at EOF’s and Pat Flynn’s programs.
  • Finish my webinar; set up call with coach for this week.
  • Act on what FB manager told me yesterday (did I mention I was having a call with FB yesterday?) and ramp up usage of Stories on FB and IG. Make another list of notes from yesterday so I don’t forget!
  • Brainstorm the Fan Subscription option; what does everyone need??? Really need to do this right. Seen too many people flop with this.
  • Get Instant Articles going again.
  • Get super clear on branding. Finish Expert Secrets and 30-Day Challenge. šŸ™‚ (big issue here is that I seem to have a mental block with picking up books these days! What has the Internet done to my brain???)
  • Go to the gym more than once a week lol
  • Contact the 2nd licenced video firm I’m starting work with.

This is a good start, because it’s 10x more than I can get done in a day, but I can make some headway in all areas.

I know peeking into this part of my thinking may not be an action thriller, but this blog is more for me than for you! hahaha

But…if you follow along, you ought to be able to create your OWN inspirational quotes community online! Or something thereabouts.

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