Episode 31-Are You Getting Out Of Your Hobbit Hole?

Adventure…getting out of your Hobbit hole…forgetting yourself and serving others…having your burdens eased up. These are things on my mind today.

First off, a good portion of my weekend has been used up in serving other people…some who are just nice people needing a helping hand, and some related to the volunteer capacity in which I’m tasked with. Well, it’s all related.

While it’s sometimes tough to gain momentum & achieve liftoff in helping others, once you get going, it just feels right.

A few times in the past, as I’ve tried to rally together other friends and acquaintances, I can never seem to get enough helpers, and then I end up doing too much work myself. Not long ago, I was in that situation, was trudging around lifting massive things, setting up tables & chairs, fixing things, and I was STRUCK with the observation that I felt great!

Have you ever had this experience? You start off something with a grumpy spirit, but you know you’re helping others & doing good for them, and at some point you’re no longer grumpy.

You feel great. And what was once a burden has suddenly become lightened.

While it’s still not fun to skip your regular workouts or your regular naps in order to help someone move, or pick up food from a food bank, or drive people around, or do other setup/takedown work, it’s still service. It’s still helping out when people need it.

I encourage you to be more open to service opportunities. They turn out to be mini adventures when you’d rather be at home relaxing in your Hobbit hole. (I hope you saw the movies, or else that reference is lost on you.)

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