Ep35-What Are The Things You Know You Should Be Doing?

As I’ve been speaking with people on the Live videos, it’s become apparent that “general self-improvement” is the key topic they’re interested in.

I’m still digging around looking for ideas for a 30-day type of challenge to offer to the community. A few suggestions came in, but….

I’ve been thinking of The 67 Steps by Tai Lopez or simply one of the Miracle Morning books by Hal Elrod.

Speaking of the Miracle Morning, it’s funny because it basically is a format for getting you to do all the things you already know you should be doing!

I kept up that kind of lifestyle for many years…the practice of getting up early in the morning to do things like:

  • exercise
  • pray/meditate
  • read scripture, then another good book (usually self-help related), then read something related to business
  • write in a journal
  • plan the day on paper
  • review goals…which can be done in the journal

Needless to say, when you do these things daily for a while, your days go much better, you feel better overall, and you tend to accomplish more than the average person over the long term.

Interesting to note that all those things are what the average CEO does daily.

Or any change-maker in the world today.

Baby Steps (Hey! How’s that for a challenge name?)

I could make my own simplified challenge.

Or Miracle Morning would be a pretty good thing to set up. But I’m still thinking.

I’m more inclined to want to try the 67 Steps because I’ve wanted to do it for 2 years! What’s behind that paywall? lol And I love Tai Lopez.


67 Steps might be too big a jump for the Quote Boss/Motivational Quotes community. We should probably start off with something small, short, and free.

Food for thought.

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  1. Sounds good , challenges sound so easy too until you start them then that’s when the true challenge comes into play along with determination and will power. I have challenged myself to do a few changes these past couple years . The hardest day was always the first day . I must say I love a good challenge it teaches us and shows us what we are made of .Thank you for your videos, blogs , qoutes and posting . Have a good evening

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I think it’ll be fun once we can come up with a program that excites us all…with a promise of some quantum leap forward in living our best lives. If we all follow some kind of organized program, we’d also be able to share and support each other. 🙂

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