Episode 26-Time For You Guys To Coach Me

Can I get your opinions on a few things?

I’m constantly researching various options that I have, and mulling things over in my head. Honestly, I ought to simply ask you guys for help on Live vids, or just post tons of polls!

Question 1: Should I start using Fan Subscriptions?

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s the option you sometimes see on Facebook when a page’s post shows a Support button underneath.

FB often shows me popups telling me I should do it…and while I was on a phone call with a FB partner manager a few weeks back, they also pushed me to do it.

They show me “success stories” of creators who have it working really well. But I’ve also heard horror stories of page reach & engagement dropping drastically after setting it up.

What is a fan subscription exactly?

First, people begin paying a monthly subscription as a way to support the page creator (think: Patreon). The creator chooses from a list of possible prices; I think in USD it’s $3 ranging up to $100/mth. In exchange for supporting a page owner, the patrons get:

  • a swanky supporter badge
  • inner-circle access that the creator manages, such as longer Live videos, posts made just for them, etc.
  • merch discounts
  • Other exclusive content

But what in the world could I do to make it valuable?

The main idea I can think of is for me to make my daily Lives short & prepared…with little to no interaction with viewers, but then make LONG daily Lives for supporters. See the difference? (read that again)

Or what about maxing out the highest price supporter tier, and then offering weekly one-on-one coaching to only those folks?

Question #2: Should I offer one-on-one coaching?

Of course, this is a given, considering I’m always talking about finishing my webinar & offering coaching. But did you know that this will be for a consulting package to help companies/firms/causes/operations with their FB strategies?

I still see a LOT of things big companies are doing wrong, when they really, really should know better. I mean, people are still making stupid FB mistakes that I thought was common knowledge in 2013. So eventually I’ll be offering that coaching.

But what about help with all aspects of one’s life? Yeah, I’m not exactly the archetype of someone with all their ducks in a row. But I’ve been studying self-improvement for 33 years, and I’ve picked up a few life-changing tips. Especially in the spirituality arena.

On a page of 4.3 million people, there’s got to be at least 1 person willing to work with me? lol

If you’ve got anything to add, opine, or just have some thoughts to share, let me know!

  1. Should I offer fan subscriptions to provide long daily Lives?
  2. Should I use fan subscriptions to offer one-on-one coaching too?
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