Ep45-How To Be Like A Duck

I think that we are sometimes going to have to be the bigger person.

Actually, we may ALWAYS have to be the peacekeeper, voice of reason, calming influence, Mr. or Mrs. Happy-Go-Lucky.

The more I read about different personality types, the more I realize that I cannot impose my version of Utopia upon the world & everyone around me.

I cannot expect people to value the same things I value. And the interesting thing is that I can’t allow other people’s lousy world views, terrible behaviours (can that be plural?), horrible manners, and insulting words to change MY cheery disposition!

Ok, I may not always be cheery, but I can think of 15,000 times I was in a happy mood until someone who sees the world differently decided to chase away my cheer.

But I let it happen.

And that’s not ok. Why should I have to change reality to fit me? Why should I have to educate the world on my preferences before I can be cheery again?

I can just let sleeping dogs lie. I can let water roll off a duck’s back. I can’t change other people because that’s their journey. Nobody even wants to be changed, do they?

I know it sounds cliche (sorry, I can’t figure out how to add the accent aigu to the e), but you REALLY…honestly can’t change others so you might as well just change yourself & how you react to them.

Yeah, I suppose there’s something to be said for studying Neuro-linguistic programming so you can learn how to make people do what you want without them knowing it. That’s also an option!

But for now, the first steps as I see them are:

  • Be the bigger person
  • Let water roll off your duck-like back
  • Be excited to see how changing yourself actually changes & shapes reality to something new/different/better
  • Be patient and watch


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