Ep83-Quitting and Not Quitting Goals

A few nights ago I announced that I would be stopping the daily Live videos.

But then the next night, I announced that I would continue doing them.

Here’s what was going on in my head….

First off, I guess maybe I had a bad Saturday. Lots of plans didn’t work out the way they were supposed to. So I suppose that I was already starting off with a bad mood!

But what I was saying in the Live video was that I felt the Lives were:

  • Not really serving their main purpose which is to grow, establish a connection with people, help provide “trust signals” to FB to indicate that I’m a real person running a page with a little bit of a soul
  • Not growing fast enough in terms of audience size (more on this later)
  • Not compelling ME enough to want to make it more professional, with prepared notes or bringing in experts to interview

However, the GOOD things about doing a daily Live vid are:

  • Making new friends
  • Connecting on a personal level with many people
  • Helping to build up the know, like and trust factor. What this means is that eventually whenever I get my act together, and begin offering products & services for sale, people will be more likely to buy from me, since they know me & trust I’m not a fly-by-night operator
  • The amount of people tuning in WAS or IS actually growing. Honestly, I missed the golden days of FB Live where it was normal to get thousands of people to tune in. Due to a variety of reasons, the algorithm forces less people to see them. So for a LONG time, I’d usually start off with maybe 125 people tuning in, and it would dwindle down to 50 by the end, especially a long 30 minute one.
    • Of course, people watch them later on after they’re done, and I usually end up with 10k views
    • If it was a fun or interesting topic, there can be 20k views
    • In 2019, there were 2.53 MILLION views of my Live vids. Not stupendous, but you gotta start somewhere, right?
    • Lately, I’m getting 200-300 Live viewers at the start. The other day I started off with over 500…so something interesting IS actually happening.
    • Apparently there is a way to earn income from Live vids, but you have to have 300+ viewers for over a minute, and then I apparently will be prompted on-screen to insert ads into the video. That would be worth while to ME, since as you know, I make my living online, and I definitely need to differentiate my income streams. I would LOVE to continue doing this work.

Ok…hopefully I didn’t lose you with all that big block above!

Going forward, this is how things will go:

  • I’m going to stick with the quick 1-minute in-and-out Lives. It helps me stay on-task with my other responsibilities during the day
  • I will commit to one long Live vid per week, where I’m sitting as the desk having our old-style convos, chatting it up for 30+ minutes
  • I have actually put myself out there with one company and offered to do an interview with their founder. That’ll be interesting!!
  • IF I suddenly start qualifying for ads in my Lives, you better believe I’ll take advantage of it! At this point, since I don’t sell products, I have to differentiate my income, and this is just one way. In fact, if I get that going, I might even be convinced to do long-sit-down Lives every day again!

Of course, I do need to focus more on my advertising/consulting services, because right now that’s the most promising & sustainable way for me to survive.

Thanks for being on this journey with me. I realize that I’m flip-flopping all over, but that’s just part of my process, I guess. I appreciate your time!


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