Ep40-Do You Rate Yourself Too Harshly?

What’s that quote about “the harder I work, the luckier I get“?

There’s several variations of them, so I won’t go look them all up, because you get the picture. I think of that quote when I want to overcome one aspect of the “Impostor Syndrome” that I suffer from:

The belief that literally every.single.thing.I.touch.I.do.a.terrible.job.at.

Of course, if you were to ask most people to rate themselves at their performance…I mean, really in their heart-of-hearts…most would also be really down on themselves too!

Ignore your inner critic

This is an axiom of self-esteem and the only way to overcome it really is to ignore it.

That, or work so darned hard that you become one of those 0.001% of the planet that actually do such great work, that in your quiet moments of reflection, you actually DO like your performance.

Hence the quote I paraphrased at the top of this, which is to work so hard that you just become lucky. It’s possible as well, that as you work harder, pray, meditate, and visualize “harder”…you actually call down unseen forces to come to your aid.

Books could be filled with examples of the above condition. I know a few people with incredible coincidences as a result of their spiritual preparation in business. A great book that talks about an aspect of this is “Spiritual Marketing” by Joe Vitale.

At any rate, I hope to work hard, ignore my limiting beliefs, and call down those unseen forces. I’ll keep you posted!

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