Episode 8-How to Become the Real You

Ever get the feeling that the “real you” is buried under a mountain of concerns, responsibilities, and worries?

Have you ever had the experience of being reminded of who you really are? Or have the profound wake up feeling of clarity that mostly everything we waste time with is actually empty…that the most important things in life come down to 2 or 3 things…and that the “real you” is who you are in that short, brief moment in time?

These types of experiences hit me from time to time, are really profound when they happen, and they make me want to strive for an “ideal” life situation so that that real me can develop.

If you haven’t experienced these states of mind (spirit), I’ll explain and try to provide some tips on how to duplicate them.

  1. Do something alone, be alone, but go somewhere.
    • For me this works well as a walk in the woods, a park, or even just strolling around a small quaint town.
    • Make sure you’re not distracted with walking a dog…unless that is part of your process, and your dog isn’t going to distract you.
    • It would probably help if the weather is nice!
    • Make sure you won’t bump into people you know; you’re on a mission!
  2. Think DEEPLY about what you want to accomplish in life, how you can make a contribution to the world, etc.
    • Have a conversation with God about these topics; pour your heart out during this walk, and “listen” for action items. Always be conscious of action items that pop into your head, and write them down if you can.
    • Personally, I like using speech-to-text to put the ideas into a Google Doc.

Sure, there’s more steps to all of this, but this is a basic guideline. Oftentimes I find myself in used book stores, which are like the physical manifestations of answers to prayers! FEEL your way around the business, self help, and religion sections.

(I assume if your goals in life are directly related to other topics…like starting a restaurant or gardening center, of course it would make sense to make your way over to the cooking or gardening sections! lol But unless you’re planning to become a novelist, I would avoid the fiction section if it’s just going to be a time waster for you.)

If you get yourself into a variation of this exercise, get ready for insights that can change your life.

It could take just one attempt for the real ‘you’ to pop up and remind you of how you SHOULD be living.

What you were meant to do with your life.

How you can live in a way that’s congruent with your purpose, passion, and potential.

As you do more & more of this, with each attempt you’ll develop an increasing level of clarity you’ve not had in years, and the universe will see that it can trust you with further answers, insights, and energy to do the things you were born to do.

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