Episode 7-Family Reunion of Dreams and Goals

A friend of mine mentioned to me that while at a family reunion, to get conversation going, he asked what everyone’s goals were. He was especially interested to hear about side-hustles, entrepreneurial adventures, and other ideas of that sort.

But to his shock, not one single family member had a dream, goal, or overarching life purpose of that sort. In fact, the question confused everyone. No one could wrap their heads around the query. My friend would have been satisfied with goals related to further education, physical fitness, or hobbies that anyone wanted to develop to a higher level.

Since that day, he’s asked the question again, and I have too. Strangely, it’s all too common to get the same confused replies.

Perhaps we’re just asking the questions in the wrong way. Perhaps people are shy and don’t want to expose their innermost thoughts and feelings. Or do the vast majority of people busy up their time with distractions, pleasures, and just “living”?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a kinder, happier, and a ‘better’ person. Those are noble goals. I talked about some of those goals yesterday.

But where are the swarms of people who also want to create and execute a higher mission amongst humanity? I’m not talking about a new philosophy. Even if you want to teach lead-figurine-painting and be a mover-and-shaker in that niche, great! How are you pushing it forward?

Do you love video games? Become a creator. Don’t just consume games passively. Are you also producing content by live-streaming all your games on Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube at the same time? You might as well get something out of all that time invested…content that will be around for 100 years? And you might just make enough $$ doing it, that you could do it full time.

Please insert any of your hobbies into the next example. What do you love? What could you read 5 books on without getting bored of that topic? I want to hear what your hobbies, passions, goals, missions, and businesses are.

Time for a family reunion in the comments, my fellow Quote Bosses. 🙂

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