Ep44-What Are Your Super Powers?

Think about your little corner of the Universe. Look at your strengths and what you’ve been blessed with. Look at what your assets are and think of them as super powers.

Too often we look at what we lack. We look at the assets of others and it makes us feel less-than. We wonder how in the world those other guys have been able to amass such incredible advantages, assets and super powers.

But put it all in perspective. There are people looking at YOU wondering the same things about you.

I think that the envy we feel about others distracts us from seeing or perceiving valuable opportunities that are sitting right in our own backyards.

I’ve had this experience a few times. I’ve stumbled upon advantages that had always been there, but I was too blind to see. I’ve had experts point out how they’ve been able to build MASSIVE success with only a fraction of the blessings I enjoy. (that’s a real eye-opener actually)

So take your eyes off other people’s business and focus on yours. Stop feeling bad about your lack of awesomeness and instead, I want you to brainstorm out all the ways you REALLY ARE super.

That change of focus could make all the difference to opening up what you’ve always wanted to have happen.

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