Ep43-How To Make Your Life Come Back Together Faster

(it’s quite apparent at this point, that I am not going to always hit a daily blog post, but if I DO miss a day, I will always write 2 the following day!)

It’s so unusual how I can spend my days trying to take action, thinking I’m taking action, and actually doing stuff, and yet be struck with the sentiment that I’m meeting not even 25% of my potential.

There are SO many more things I could be doing and accomplishing, but I guess maybe I’m easing into it all? It’s also unusual or encouraging to see the ups & downs of all these efforts culminating into something.

They say “The years teach what the days never know” which means to trust in the process and trust that inch by inch things are coming together. Some of the things I was working on that fell apart 3 months ago are coming back together again now.

Now, more than one thing fell apart, so I’m patiently waiting & praying that a few MORE things suddenly come back together at any second now!

But one thing is for sure…and that is that we can shorten these “fall-apart-times” with the help of others in our lives. We need friends, helpers, and coaches who have been through these things before. I’d rather shorten these “come-back-together-times” to weeks rather than months!!

I did have some help, but it wasn’t enough. I should have opened myself to more help…but this “work alone” aspect of my personality is normal, from what I read on those Myers-Briggs tests. While it’s nice & pleasant to work with some people sometimes, I’d love nothing more than to sit in my cabin/cottage/house in the middle of the woods & work alone! (that’s my dream)

We all have different personality types, and different ways of solving problems…but in this case, when you’re trying to build something…you need to find people who can help you solve problems & build things faster than you can.

Have you ever hacked your life with the help of a friend or guide?

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  1. Thank you for the blog post , you mention how we need the helps of other to help us , I believe this too I have a tendency to want to do it all on my own knowing that I cant ,yet not reaching out when I need too. I don’t know if this is because of my personality traits or just because i have been a widow raising my child on my own for so long that life has made me scared of letting anyone in to help me out of fear that they to will just disappear. We are all on this road and journey in this life together and I believe we all help each other more then we are even aware of at times . Have a beautiful day with your family

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I appreciate your comments and well wishes. Although I mention we need to let other people help us, we have to often take the first 1, 2, or 5 steps forwards to ask for & get their help. Yes, there are those always willing to lend a helping hand, but there are others who we really need to seek out and have a multi-stepped approach to getting their help. Not always easy!

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