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How Motivational Quotes Change Lives, And Even Save Them

I think we all know that incredible and addictive feeling that sometimes comes with reading motivational quotes.

Euphoria.  Bliss.  Wonder.  Astonishment.  Zen.  Inspiration.  

I often like to call it the “wisdom buzz”.  (Funny enough, I got that term in about 1993 or so, when a local Toronto singer had a song on the radio, which I *thought* was called “The Wisdom Buzz”.  Only last year did I find that she was actually singing “The Wisdom Bus”.)

Either way, a “buzz” is not a bad term to describe that feeling.  

I got into quotes many years ago when I found a small pocket book of quotes in a store in Washington D.C.  I carried it everywhere, and pulled it out when I had a spare moment.  It’s basically what we all do now with cell phones.

I committed many of those 400+ quotes to memory, and they were DEEP substantial quotes.  Thoreau, Emerson, Montaigne, Seneca, etc.  Stuff that really made you think. (not the silly fluff most people like today)

After that, I began taking quote books out of the library and I’d write down all the ones that hit me with the wisdom buzz.  I read through quite a few over my adolescence, and collected several notepads full of quotes.

Why are inspirational quotes so great?

  1. They’re often the the very BEST, most useful thoughts from books, therefore, instead of reading entire books, you get the best chunks of knowledge, summarized into short pithy blocks.
  2. Instead of spending years making your own mistakes, you learn from the experiences of others…saving you from unnecessary, hard life lessons. 
  3. <Insert your reasons here> (or add them to the comments below)

Another aspect of this topic is just how much some quotes can change us.  Sometimes, there are aphorisms which hit us in such a potent way, they stop us in our tracks, and change the direction of our lives.

Have you had this experience?

On a side note, I find it strange whenever I see sticks-in-the-mud or negative-nancies complain about the motivational quotes that are all over social media.  At worst, quotes inspire people and make them think more positively than they were before.  So how is that a bad thing? Have you seen this new sentiment starting to pop up?

Recently I created a quote-pic/meme for my page that asked, “Has a quote ever changed your life?”

I expected people would share experiences of their lives changing for the better, but in a very strange reaction, 90% of the replies were people sharing the quotes that meant something to them.  People are usually very enthusiastic when you ask them to share their favourite quotes!

Here is the picture: 

If you would like to see the quotes that people shared, you can see the post/thread here:

Emails I’ve Received Tell More of the Story

Over the years, I’ve kept SOME of the thank-you emails I get from subscribers to my thought-of-the-day by email.  Here’s just a few:

“This quote just came to me at a time when I am feeling attacked from the outside.
Getting it just when I did helped me to process through the maze…
Thank you, and I want you to know what you do does help. I needed this particular quote this day.” -Jo Anne

“I really appreciate those thoughts! I’ve saved all the ones that I’ve ever gotten from you and I also went to the website and printed out a bunch that I really liked. I’m laminating them and giving them to my brother to put on his wall in his hospital room” -Carmella

“Hi Shawn, Thanks for always sending quotes that really touch hearts, esp this one. I just turned 35 last Aug27 and wrote a life list. I want to try things I’m afraid to do because I might fail, like going into a relationship & settling down.  Reading your quotes made me realize my life was somehow structured and I have to do something so I can be totally free and truly happy. Last weekend, I conquered one of my fears & went snorkeling at Apo Island in Dumaguete. And for me, that experience truly summed up what you just wrote here: it was my moment. I owned it.  
Thanks again, and may God bless your loving & kind heart so you continue to touch more lives!” -cillevillamor

Thanks for your efforts Shawn.  They definitely are worthwhile for me.  I have been a member to receive your information since you began.  I have downloaded your books and printed them out and sent them to people in prison, those I knew with problems, etc.  What a joy they have brought to them and me. Joycee

Saved Lives

In two cases people have told me that a quote I sent out saved their lives.

In one of those cases, I asked to speak to that person privately, and I got some of the story.

This young man explained that he had decided to commit suicide on a particular day.  However, there was a quote he read that day on which helped him decide to get help instead.  

He and I remain friends to this day 2 years later, and he’s on track to start a coaching business using his particular talents and life story as a way to inspire others.

Pay it forward


I love hearing people say they take the quotes I send out, and:

-forward them to their team’s email
-write them out on a board for a class to see
-forward them or share them in some other digital way

Why not share inspirational messages?  You never know who you might help.



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  1. I appreciate your work. Using quotes and metaphors in my therapeutic treatment with patients has been a god send to many. Thank you. Dr. Terry Martin.

    My Favorite is: ‘Nowhere – ‘Now Here. It is how you see things.’

    Not sure where this came from but it is always in my mind and heart over period of forty years. I am 72 and still read positive quotes everyday – yours are a wonderful collection.

    1. Thanks, Terry. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. We’re only now getting this blog back in shape & off the ground. How’s your practice coming along?

  2. I love your quotes- they motivate me each day. I do not always get to FB. I would appreciate if you receive them to my inbox please. Could you put me on your mailing list. Thank you.

    1. Sorry Charmaine, but the easiest way to do that is for you to just go to any page on my site & enter your info in the subscription box. I *could* do it for you, per se, but it’s not the greatest mailing host, and not so easy for me. What’s you email?

  3. You’re are saving my life every day.
    I share them often.
    In 2017, attempted suicide with lethal means & survived.
    Many days I wonder why I am even here.
    Your quotes have become part of my tools for preventing future suicidality by affirming that I matter and giving me hope that I will find my purpose and people.
    I subscribed to getting them sent to me in messenger twice a day.
    I live alone & I am a romantic.
    I believe in relationship intimacy that the end of each day and the beginning of each new day are very precious & fragile moments… always kiss me goodnight & good morning, too.
    But since I don’t have anyone to fill that need for live & affirmation, I must do so myself.
    Your twice daily quotes help me to show love to and affirm myself.
    The quotes have been intuitively, almost psychically or divinely inspired messages just for me… exactly addressing the ache in my soul.
    I’m so grateful for you being you and sharing your quotes and gifts in this way.
    You are actively saving my life by healing the many small rips & wounds in my spirit every day through the power & timing of your healing words.
    I love you & thank you & bless you.


    1. JACLYN???? I apologize for taking so long to reply to you! I wonder if I’m ADD because I make a massive list of things to do, and saw your comment a while ago, and kept meaning to reply, but there’s so many distractions….

      But thanks so much for your kind words and for your eloquent description of your circumstances. I am blown away at your honesty, and openness. Once I just now gave your comment a full (undistracted) read, I have to tell you that even as my quotes & messages have been intuitively & divinely inspired for your own benefit, YOUR words come at such a great time too, as I often wonder what good I’m doing! And this feeling comes despite this blog post affirming that I KNOW they do some good in the world; it’s just that, like anyone, I too need some reminders…some trail-markers in the wilderness, to show me I’m doing some small bit of good.

      I promise to be more attentive to the comments going-forward, and hope to see you here again (especially since I am hoping to start blogging daily). Are you still benefiting from content I put out? I’m trying to remember if I’ve seen you on my nightly Live videos…..?


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