Episode 12-How Would You Live a Big Year?

Have you ever seen the movie, “The Big Year”?

It’s a surprisingly good movie with Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin as completely obsessed bird watchers, all doing what’s a called a “big year”. This is when bird watchers attempt to identify as many birds as possible during a year. It’s a really BIG thing to them, and aside from the personal satisfaction, it comes with bragging rights and fame.

While I’m not after fame and bragging rights in an international competition, I have often thought what it would be like if I lived this self employment venture as a “big year”.

IF I were to live a big year, that would entail a lot of tough things, such as:

  • a podcast (daily? weekly?)
  • going all-in on Youtube, IGTV, and more
  • actually spending 80% of my time on marketing & outreach
  • product creation galore, vis-a-vis books and courses
  • consulting

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. I am doing a portion of these things, but there’s SO MUCH more I could do. Take my Live videos for instance. After doing them for a year, they really ought to be 10x better by now. Why not interview people? Why not stick to fully prepared scripts so I stay on-topic?

Either way, SOME movement forward is better than none!

What would a big year look like to YOU?

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