Corrections Policy

<Please note, shares quotes, articles, ideas, and news related to self-improvement. Our email thought-of-the-day and Facebook Messenger quote-of-the-day fall under the category of news & productivity (ie. a Media/News Company), as free subscription services which is required to allow us to continue sending a quote-of-the-day 7 days a week via our FB Messenger list.>

As stated in our Fact-Checking Policy, works hard to ensure accuracy. If it is determined that we have shared a news item that contains errors, have published something without the correct permissions, gave the wrong credits or attributions, then we are committed to making corrections within the fastest period of time possible…often within hours.

We will post a correction on the original post and/or publish a clarification piece in order to bring attention to the correct information.

In some cases, if future details of a changing story become available, the original story may not be considered incorrect, due to the changing nature of the world-at-hand. An update may be attached to the original content, or simply link out to the new information.

In other cases, as deals with self-improvement and inspirational topics, the content being shared is often considered opinion or subjective, and may not yield the same perceptions among all readers. This reality must also be considered.