Fact-Checking Policy

<Please note, motivational.net shares quotes, articles, ideas, and news related to self-improvement. Our email thought-of-the-day and Facebook Messenger quote-of-the-day fall under the category of news & productivity (ie. a Media/News Company), as free subscription services which is required to allow us to continue sending a quote-of-the-day 7 days a week via our FB Messenger list.>

At Motivational.net, if any article or blog post makes claims or attempts to state facts, they must also verify the information shared and provide sources, even while only sharing opinions.

Writers are expected to fact-check their statements using various online sources, while also guided by our ethics policy. We also double check our writers work and will employ our own fact-checking exercises where deemed necessary.

We look for official comment when necessary, from reps, PR, etc. of involved parties in order to substantiate details so they are current & accurate.