Ethics Policy

<Please note, shares quotes, articles, ideas, and news related to self-improvement. Our email thought-of-the-day and Facebook Messenger quote-of-the-day fall under the category of news & productivity (ie. a Media/News Company), as free subscription services which is required to allow us to continue sending a quote-of-the-day 7 days a week via our FB Messenger list.> is committed to high ethical standards. Accuracy and helpfulness in news are part of our intrinsic principles.

The purpose of this document is to be a guide to ourselves and those who write for us to always maintain our credibility, and to bring matters of concern to the attention of those they report to.

We work together to maintain high ethical standards.

Accuracy and Fairness

  • We will not copy the work of others
  • Any errors in facts will be corrected quickly in an overt and transparent way
  • We seek out balanced opinions by showing more than one view of the topic at hand


In as many ways possible, our goal is to provide credit for quotes, pictures, videos, and other content we publish.

  • If pictures are used from a free-use website such as Unsplash where credit is not required, those photos may not be credited.
  • Inspirational quotes found on the internet will be vetted via various quote-search sites, including KEEP IN MIND that in many cases, a quote may show up on dozens of sources as having come from a particular person, and yet still be incorrect. We will still do our best to research even widely accepted authors of particular quotes in order to ascertain authorship.
  • If any work is copied for use in an article, the sources will be provided in an overt and transparent way.
  • In most cases, any video shared will also include the source or credit, unless those videos have been editorialized with text, especially in the cases of short comedic memes, where the videos fall under fair-use humor-commentary. However, if we editorialize a longer video (1-minute plus), we still secure written permissions directly from the creators, and will provide credit if the creator requests it.
  • In the cases where a video does not show a credit, most likely already has the written permissions secured directly with the creator, and will be available upon request.
  • Credits or sources may appear in an adjoining caption area, or in the case of being posted on social media, MAY also be posted as the first comment.
  • If the credit remains unknown, will state that the source is unknown and request that those reading help us to find the source. However, we will tend to avoid this scenario as much as possible, due to the uncertain nature of copyright ownership.

Collaboration may work with other publishers to occasionally share their work, but only on an intermittent basis, and not as a quid pro quo nature. We appreciate other publishers sharing our work whenever they deem appropriate. Any work that is shared where financial remuneration is involved, it will be disclosed as such.